The 6 Most Disappointing Video Games Of 2016 (So Far)

Homefront: The Revolution


For many, Homefront: The Revolution was perhaps the most inevitable video game disappointment of the year so far. After a very long and tortured development that had passed through three separate studios, gamers should probably have had their hopes and expectations in check prior to its release, especially following the atrocious closed beta.

Yet, even despite those early concerns, the game should still have been far better than what it was. The original Homefront certainly wasn’t perfect and might not have garnered the largest of fanbases, but the sequel did look as though it was set to not only improve on those shortcomings but expand the game’s scope and scale considerably.

As a concept, Homefront: The Revolution’s intriguing narrative premise and open world gameplay should have indicated good things to come. Indeed, the game actually had the potential to become one of the most memorable story driven FPS titles in years. A controversial alternate history plot set in the game’s unique Philadelphia setting should have been a recipe for success. Sadly, that potential wasn’t at all realized and what should have been a compelling focal point ended up as a rather incoherent mess.

Even more disappointing still, Homefront: The Revolution was launched with a host of technical issues that totally ruined its gameplay. In fact, the game was broken to near comical levels, which is particularly irritating given that most of the bugs were quite noticeable in the closed beta.

We can’t imagine that Homefront: The Revolution will be fondly remembered by many gamers, and we shudder to think how much money was squandered by the various developers that persevered with its production. Simply put, the game’s failure is a wasted opportunity on what could have been a great franchise.

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