Nato And Remy’s Last Stand: Our Favorite Arcade Games (Horror Inspired, Of Course!)


Gamers are always talking about console and PC gaming these days, but remember when you used to be able to frequent an arcade with the latest and greatest in pay-per-play machine gaming? It started with classics like Pac-Man and Donkey Kong, but has evolved into completely immersive experiences that let you do things like shoot baddies while holding a true-to-form machine gun, or paddle a raft while sitting in a mock flotation vessel that moves as you get thrown around on-screen. Amazing right? Why get wet when you can paddle in an air conditioned building?!

But since Remy and I are the horror guys, we were always drawn to thrilling shooters. Sure, we still played the crap out of games like Time Crisis and Big Buck Hunter, but gunning down monsters and ghouls is where the real action exists. I mean, who doesn’t want to place themselves in the middle of a horror movie, giving you the chance to fight your way out of situations we’ve watched over and over again in horror movies? I even own a few of these for my XBOX and Dreamcast, saving on the overall coinage that I would have inevitably had to ask my parents for anywhere a machine for The House Of The Dead could be found.

So without wasting any more precious time, let’s point our guns off-screen and shoot to reload, channeling the games we wasted countless hours on, over and over again, only to play the same few levels. Whatever, they were still totally awesome!