Navigate An Unending Maze In Dishonored 2’s Clockwork Mansion Gameplay Trailer


Besthesda and Arkane Studios have released the latest gameplay teaser for this year’s Dishonored 2, this time providing a sneak peek at the stealth title’s Clockwork Mansion mission. Whether you choose to infiltrate the steampunk Victorian mansion with Corvo or Emily, you’ll be tasked with finding and assassinating Jindosh, a genius inventor who has filled his humble abode with a near-endless amount of enigmatic levers.

That may sound like a pretty benign feature to have in your home, but when pulling any of them results in the whole structure of the building changing before your very eyes, it soon becomes apparent that achieving your goal isn’t as straightforward as it first seemed.

Moving walls, trapdoors, hidden rooms and electrified hallways are just some of the hazards you’ll have to navigate with your mystical powers, but there’s another obstacle that poses a far greater threat than any of those. Dotted around the mansion are clockwork robots, pointy-armed, relentless constructs that can activate at the slightest hint of an intruder in order to hunt you down and prematurely end your life.

Clockwork Mansion takes place roughly four hours into Dishonored 2’s story, so you’ll have plenty of time prior to this point to grow accustomed to the abilities of the game’s two protagonists.

Dishonored 2 launches November 11 for Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC. Earlier this week, the game’s entire achievement list was released, which you can see here. Be warned: there’s more than just a few spoilers contained within.