Neopets’ NFT project is hungrier for attention than the Neopets you haven’t fed for 20 years

Neopets NFT project desperate for attention
Credit: @neopetsofficialaccount / Instagram

Neopets was a fixture of a bygone era of the internet in which browser-based games were all the rage. Many of its peers from that period of time like Miniclip and Club Penguin have gone the way of the saber-toothed cat and the dodo, and no longer exist on the digital coil, while others like Runescape and Habbo Hotel have managed to persevere.

Neopets, on the other hand, exists somewhere between the two ends of the spectrum – but it is absolutely determined to be in the latter camp, albeit in a more forward-thinking and Web 3.0-based capacity, with an NFT collection and metaverse game. 

The project seems to be lacking (or ingenious, given this article is being written) in its public relations department – resorting to screaming from Twitter’s rooftops for the attention of anyone who will listen, with targets like YouTuber Izzzyzzz:

The madness doesn’t stop there, though – the Neopets Metaverse project has been petitioning the likes of Elon Musk, Snoop Dogg, the upcoming Avatar film, Lewis Capaldi, and popular pet pages with frankly cringeworthy attempts at drumming up any attention it can get, with more fervor and ferocity than we had when farming Dubloon Disaster on its namesake site:

There’s plenty more than that came from, so much that the effort is bordering on impressive. Honestly, with the ‘throw whatever you can at the wall and see what sticks’ approach that the project is taking, we’re half-expecting to get an email in our inbox inviting us to participate in the Neopets metaverse shortly after we publish this. We’ll keep you posted. 

However something tells us this thing is likely to go the way of the aforementioned dodo and eventually join CNN’s ill-fated journalism NFT collection in Web 3 hell. In the meantime, it’s back to fishing for lobsters in Karamja and murdering Hill Giants for big bones in Old School Runescape for us.