New Apex Legends Patch Brings Massive Nerfs To Seer

Apex Legends

Not that it will come as a surprise to anyone who has been competing in World’s Edge since Season 10 went live, but Apex Legends‘ newest playable character, Seer, has just taken a mighty hit by the nerf bat, following today’s patch. As confirmed by Respawn Entertainment over on Twitter, the balance update makes adjustments to every one of the Ambush Artist’s abilities in an attempt to rein in his power level while still making him a viable option for the right team composition.

First up is Heart Seeker, Seer’s passive trait, which allows him to hear and visualize the heartbeats of enemies when ADS (aiming down sights). The most notable changes here, are a reduction in the skill’s effective range (down to 75m) as well as a tighter field of view. Likewise, Focus of Attention, while still functionally identical to its pre-nerf version, now no longer damages or disorients any opponents caught in the blast.

Last but not least, Seer’s ultimate, Exhibit, has received a sizable cooldown increase from 90 seconds to 120, meaning players will be forced to make tougher decisions when reconnaissance is required. Delaying the refresh rate by 30 seconds will make its prevalence far less pronounced, at the very least, and should provide avenues for much-needed counterplay.

Will all the above be enough to help Seer settle into a comfortable niche in Season 10’s wider meta? As always, a great deal of testing in a live-fire scenario, so to speak, will be required before a final judgment can be made, though, on paper, it certainly seems as though Respawn has taken all the necessary steps. Let us know what you make of these latest changes to Apex Legends‘ newest addition in the usual place below!