New Character Scizor Revealed For Arcade Versions Of Pokken Tournament


A new playable character is headed to Pokemon beat ’em up Pokken Tournament next week, developer Bandai Namco has announced. Revealed as part of a special NicoNico stream earlier today, the scarlet red bug Pokemon Scizor will be added to the game’s roster on October 20, but only in arcades.

Sadly, just like with previous post-release character Darkrai, unless you live in or are holidaying in Japan, you may never get the chance to actually use Scizor, as Bandai doesn’t seem to have any intention of bringing either fighter to the Wii U console version any time soon.

As per the reveal stream, Scizor has been classified as a Power Pokemon in Pokken, meaning he stands alongside the likes of Charizard, Machamp, Garchomp and Chandelure to bring the category’s count up to 5. Unsurprisingly, Scizor’s ‘Burst Attack’ will see it gain a huge surge of power to become Mega Scizor, changing its appearance and granting new abilities.

Following a bit of digging in the back-end of Pokken Tournament‘s console version several months ago, various assets pertaining to Darkrai, Scizor and Empoleon were discovered, leading many to believe they would be the first three characters added to game post-launch. With two of those now confirmed, we can only assume that the giant penguin Empoleon will be next.

Now if only Bandai Namco would confirm these new characters will eventually come to Wii U. Fingers crossed, eh?