New Destiny: Rise Of Iron Images Showcase A Bunch Of New Weapons To Collect

As part of the developer’s presence at this year’s Gamescom, Bungie has released a deluge of new images showcasing just some of the new weapons Guardians will be able to obtain when Destiny‘s Rise of Iron expansion launches next month. We’ve collected the whole lot into a handy gallery for your viewing pleasure above, and long-term players of the open world shooter will undoubtedly recognize some of them as reinvigorated versions of fan favorites.

Immediately recognizable rocket launcher from Destiny‘s so-called Year 1 – The Gjallarhorn – will likely be what most people’s eyes are initially drawn to, it having already been revealed as a bonus item for those that opt to pre-order Rise of Iron ahead of September, but there’s another returning weapon hidden amongst the newbies. The Khvostov 7g-0x, otherwise known as the very first gun every new Guardian in Destiny starts the game with, is getting a drastic upgrade to Exotic status in Year 3 along with a sleek new look.

All of the remaining images appear to be depicting brand new weapons of mass destruction, and we’re particularly liking the look of the sidearms, a category that’s vastly underrepresented at present.

We’re sure there’s a whole lot Bungie’s not showing in an effort to have some surprises when Rise of Iron launches, but you’ve not got long to wait – the expansion launches September 20 on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.