New Injustice 2 Trailer Showcases Red Hood’s Flashy Moveset


DC fans have, by now, had plenty of time to live out their wildest superhero (and villain) dreams with Injustice 2‘s varied roster, but NetherRealm’s not done yet. The developer released a new trailer over the weekend that gives fans their first look at Red Hood, one of three DLC characters included in the beat ’em up’s Fighter Pack 1. The add-on in question is scheduled to arrive in June for Xbox One and PlayStation 4, but it looks like we’ll have to wait just a little while longer before a specific launch window is provided.

As for the new gameplay trailer in question, it represents our first look at Batman’s former protege in action and boy, does he look great. Preceding their fight with a verbal squabble, Red Hood and the current Robin come to blows during the visual spectacle, which sees the latter instantly overwhelmed by a graceful-yet-deadly performance from the masked vigilante. Perfected marksman skills combined with a mastery of hand-to-hand combat, it turns out, are a pretty potent combination that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

Given Injustice 2‘s already extensive roster, the fact that NetherRealm’s still able to pull such a unique-looking character out of the bag so soon after release is an impressive sight to behold, but I won’t be too surprised if this particular addition is quickly compared to Mortal Kombat X‘s Erron Black, especially given both characters’ reliance on firearms.

We’ll have to wait and see how Red Hood integrates into Injustice 2‘s current meta, but either way, his reveal has us excited for the other two characters included in Fighter Pack 1. Expect similarly tantalizing trailers for Starfire and Sub-Zero to arrive in due course.