New Just Cause 3 Screenshots Bring The Perfect Kind Of Mayhem

Just Cause 3


While we learned through the grapevine that Just Cause 3 was simmering in development, when Square Enix formally unveiled the game on Tuesday via Game Informer, fans of the open-world franchise were left reeling in excitement. Avalanche Studios’ long-gestating sequel has been slated for release in 2015, and the publisher has provided some fresh details on the studio’s latest gleefully bombastic outing.

According to the information packet, players will once again step into the shoes of Rico Rodriguez — who reprises his role as protagonist from the first two titles in the series — as he returns home to confront a malevolent dictatorship that rules over his native Mediterranean region with an iron fist. Specifically, Just Cause 3 will take place largely on the fictional island of Medici where Rico will no doubt have the opportunity to blow everything in sight to kingdom come.

According to Avalanche, the in-game map spans 400 square miles across three main areas that will all be fully explorable from the get-go. Thankfully, Just Cause 3 empowers budding adventurers with a grapple hook along with a wing suit that lets you dart around the environment from a height at breakneck speed.

Contrary to previous reports, the threequel won’t support microtransactions, and Avalanche moved quickly to pour cold water over any rumors that suggested Just Cause 3 would release as a free-to-play title. Instead, the game is shaping up to be everything fans of the franchise so desire: ludicrous action that takes place across a giant pixelated playground.

Just Cause 3 will blast its way onto PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC in 2015. For more on the game, be sure to keep one eye trained to Game Informer, as the upcoming threequel is the cover star for the December issue.