New Screens For inFamous: Second Son Showcase A Neon-Clad Seattle


Sucker Punch, the developer behind PlayStation’s inFamous franchise, released a trio of new screenshots for the third entry into the superhero series, inFamous: Second Son. The images themselves depict a nocturnal version of the urban Seattle – which serves as the game’s primary setting – and display the atmospheric lighting made possible by the next-gen hardware.

Launching exclusively on the PlayStation 4, Sucker Punch’s latest title was previously intended for a 2013 release, but was eventually pushed back in order to perfect the studio’s virtual rendition of Seattle. For the game, players will assume the role of series newcomer Delsin Rowe; a brash 24-year old street artist with a penchant for causing trouble.

In keeping with the inFamous legacy, inFamous Second Son’s protagonist will have the power to channel superhuman abilities. As opposed to the electric-based powers from previous titles in the franchise, Delsin’s abilities seem to be inspired by embers and smoke, with environmental obstacles like chimneys and burnt out cars serving as sources of power.

In terms of visualising Seattle, though, Nate Fox, who is serving as creative editor on inFamous: Second Son, spoke to PlayStation Lifestyle recently regarding the studio’s approach to rendering the modern metropolis.

“We wanted to make the city feel really realistic and to do that it’s all about the details. About the sounds,what it’s like to be on the street or that kinda trash you see in the corners, or shops… the quality of light coming through the leaves. It’s those things that when add them all up and you have the horsepower to bring them into the product, that suck you into the game and make you feel like you’re there.”

The Emerald City will serve as a virtual playground for Delsin when inFamous: Second Son releases February, 2014. In order to entice eager fans, Sucker Punch recently outlined the preorder incentives for the game, which include limited edition vests designed by Penny Arcade.

Be sure to check out the gallery below for the newly released images and let us know your early impressions of the game in the comments below.