New Star Wars Roleplaying Tabletop Game In The Works


Fans of Star Wars games take note: a new roleplaying adventure is reportedly in the works.

The announcement comes on the heels of a separate announcement that a new Lego Star Wars game spinoff is also hitting Apple devices next month with a decidedly more roleplaying feel, featuring customizable characters.

But the upcoming roleplaying game isn’t a video game: it’s a tabletop adventure.

The game is being produced by Edge Studio, a tabletop roleplaying game studio created by Asmodee. Edge Studios said it would be an exploration of “some of the many eras of Star Wars,” continuing the precedent set by peer Asmodee studio Fantasy Flight Games, who previously created some Star Wars roleplaying game in 2013.

Sam Gregor Stewart, Edge Studios’ RPG manager, formerly spearheaded the team that developed Star Wars: Edge of the Empire.

According to the studio, the license means even more new games and products are on the way.

“We are really excited with the opportunity of working on one of the most beloved IP in the world…We want to follow in the footsteps of FFG’s fantastic work over the years while brining our own vision of what a Star Wars RPG should be,” Edge Studios head Gille Garnier said in the press release. 

We’ll have to see how it all shakes out when additional details about the new roleplaying Star Wars game continue to come out. Check back right here for all the updates you need to hold you over until it comes.