Leaked Grand Theft Auto 6 Screenshot Might Be Real

Grand Theft Auto 6

A mysterious photo is making its way around the Internet. Some say it’s a photoshopped picture of the Miami skyline. Others argue it’s a touched up still from Grand Theft Auto 5. And a whole bunch of folks are crossing their heart that it might be a screenshot from Rockstar Games’ long-awaited next installment of what’s arguably the world’s single most popular gaming franchise.

Even if the photo in question is taken from the mysterious Grand Theft Auto 6 though, it wouldn’t really tell us much about the game. In fact, the picture’s so dark, the resolution so low, and the colors so over-saturated, that it doesn’t give away anything at all about the title’s location or the quality of its design.

The birds and palm trees – fairly common sights in almost every Californian city – seem to have convinced a handful of fans that the sequel will indeed take place in Vice City, the setting of an earlier installment in the franchise that has, for some time, been speculated to be the location of GTA 6 as well. But again, it’s too hard to say anything for certain with this photo.

While the individual who posted the pic remains unknown, the purple watermark in the bottom right corner of the screen seems to suggest that it was pulled from official content over at Rockstar – which has a lot of people thinking it’s real. And while we can’t ignore the fact that a watermark like this might have been easily faked, we should also consider the possibility that this photo may in fact be a still taken from a transition in an upcoming debut trailer, which would explain the poor quality.

As of yet, Rockstar Games has declined to comment on both the leak and the development process of Grand Theft Auto 6 in general, and with the coronavirus pandemic having put production on an indefinite hold, it seems like we’ll have to wait a while until we hear from them. For now, though, take a good look at the leaked photo above and see if you think it’s real or not.