News For The Last Of Us DLC Escapes Quarantine Later This Week

The Last of Us

Naughty Dog, the studio responsible for the critically-adorned The Last of Us, will release information regarding downloadable content for the game later this week, according to the game’s director Bruce Stanley. The director took to Twitter to tease the imminent announcement and though he didn’t openly confirm it, it seems highly likely that the news relates to new content for the game’s single player.

Here’s Stanley’s announcement from earlier today:

This marks the first news offering for the post-apocalyptic title since last month’s patch, which also implemented the new Interrogation mode into the game’s multiplayer. The forthcoming announcement is part of the studio’s three-tiered DLC plan for The Last of Us, with the $20 season pass encompassing two pieces of multiplayer content and one introducing a new story chapter.

At present, not much is known about the game’s single player DLC. Fans have speculated that the studio will opt to expand on the tertiary characters within The Last of Us’ unforgiving universe. From Tess to Ish, Henry to Sam, there’s a multitude of narrative avenues for Naughty Dog to explore. Mind you, it seems logical for the studio to revisit characters that have recorded and captured superfluous content adjacent to the main storyline.

Not only did the previous DLC – patch 1.03 – introduce the brutal Interrogation mode, it was also responsible for a series of tweaks to the matchmaking system and correcting any bugs found in the main campaign. The Last of Us proved to be a sales juggernaut for Naughty Dog, amassing 3.4 million copies in just under three weeks, and rumours surrounding a follow-up continue to subsist.

It seems we’ll be revisiting Joel and Ellie’s realm sooner rather than later, but do you think that the central pair will return for the DLC? Or would you rather the studio explore additional characters for the added content? Let us know below.