Ninja Cancels Fortnite Stream As He Protests Controversial Changes


Fortnite developer Epic Games is on the cusp of tackling a full-scale revolt from its fanbase, it seems. The unrest has arisen from a series of controversial changes made to certain core mechanics present in the battle royale title and some fans are wholly unhappy with the new direction Epic appears to be going in. As part of the new content packaged with patch v8.20, a series of adjustments have been standardized across all modes.

Prior to last week’s changes going live, players of both standard and competitive modes were able to restore varying amounts of health and shields each time they scored a kill. Originally implemented as a form of test for new gameplay ideas in patch v7.20, Epic revealed that, having gathered all the “necessary info” in regards to the prior changes, as of v8.20, it would be reverting them back to how they originally functioned. An exception to the rule is competitive playlists which, the developer concludes, have “proven to be positive” and will, therefore, remain unchanged in the new Arena Game Mode.

Whether the divisive revision to Fortnite‘s gameplay ultimately drives players away remains to be seen, but Twitch star Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins certainly isn’t happy. Earlier this week, the popular streamer poked fun at both Epic and Apex Legends developer Respawn Entertainment for recent controversial changes, a form of protest that continued today when he opted to cut his Fortnite stream short. A clip of the stream in question can be found below.

On the topic of whether the feedback Epic has so far received holds any sway when it considers reverting the controversial changes remains to be seen, but Ninja’s recent outburst could certainly tip the scales. As such, we suspect the Fortnite creator will be forced into addressing the criticism sooner or later. Watch this space for more.