Nintendo Switch Exclusive WarioWare: Get It Together! Gets A Free Demo

warioware get it together

Gaming’s most beloved doppelgänger (no, not Waluigi) is making his glorious return to relevance outside the Smash Bros. franchise this year. To celebrate Wario’s first standalone outing on Switch next month, Nintendo has gone ahead and provided a free demo for WarioWare: Get it Together!, the series’ tenth installment, and the first to be released since 2018’s WarioWare Gold.

Similar to its predecessors, fans can expect to indulge in myriad minigames designed to be as humorous as they are simple, with difficulty coming in the form of speed and modifier increases. In a neat twist, this time around, you’ll be playing directly as Wario and his colleagues, each of which boasts their own abilities. Sussing out how to complete each microgame as each character, and as efficiently as possible while under the constant stress of a time limit, is key to racking up a huge score on each frantic playthrough, which are guaranteed to be different each time.

Nintendo is promising more than 200 different activities to come with the base game, though we can only imagine that such a title is ripe for DLC down the road. But for now, that figure should more than suffice.

WarioWare: Get It Together! releases on Sept. 10, 2021 and kicks off what’s shaping up to be a bumper year for Switch owners. Alongside long-awaited remakes of Pokémon Diamond & Pearl in November, October sees Metroid Dread, the first all-new 2D title featuring Samus Aran in some time, land on the hybrid console. Already picked out your favorite? Planning to get all three and more? Sound off, letting us know which you’ve already pre-ordered, in the usual place below!