Watch: Metroid Dread Trailer Shows Samus On A Dangerous Journey


Samus is charged with finding the X parasite on the planet ZDR in the latest trailer for the upcoming Metroid Dread. But when the legendary bounty hunter plans her arrival, things don’t go as planned.

The new trailer lays out the story intro of the much-anticipated action-adventure platformer, releasing Oct. 8. Most peculiar is how Samus’ suit transforms after she wakes up on the planet, a mystery we will have to wait to uncover. What of this new suit and its abilities? We have some more news about that straight from Nintendo. Along with the trailer is a new Metroid Dread Report, a transmission from the dev team trickling out new details from the game. This report details some gameplay changes players can look forward to.

Metroid Dread revamps Samus’ movement, emphasizing fluidity and constant motion. Samus can now aim her missiles while running and use her ranged attacks from different positions, sure to make her a far more nimble adversary against ZDR’s aliens. The bounty hunter’s classic melee counter returns as well, but players won’t lose forward momentum when using it this time.

Aeion abilities are back as well. A new one that’s been shown before, Phantom Cloak, will make Samus invisible to enemies while draining her Aeion energy. You can move while cloaked, at a greater cost.

The devs say in the report that Samus’ suit is based off the Fully Powered Suit from Metroid: Zero Mission, not Fusion, as we previously expected. The suit, designed with Chozo technology, was custom made for her, the report notes. “We’re using a new Power Suit to imagine what would be beyond Metroid Fusion,” Nintendo says.

Today’s trailer and report leaves just as many questions as it does answers, but fans should hopefully have more details to work with soon. A new trailer and report will be out on August 27th.

Metroid Dread launches exclusively this fall on the Nintendo Switch.