Square Enix Has Launched A Mystery Countdown Site For Final Fantasy XV


As spotted by Destructoid, an enigmatic countdown timer has spontaneously appeared on Square Enix’s dedicated Final Fantasy XV page that ends tomorrow at 11pm EST/4am BST/8pm PST. As of now, we have absolutely no idea what the publisher could possibly be teasing so close to the release of the JRPG, but some clues can perhaps be gleaned from the image adorning the countdown page.

A patchwork aesthetic clearly featuring one of the series’ iconic Moogles can be seen on the page, making us think that this could be some sort of follow-up to the game’s promotional Platinum Demo revealed and released during E3 earlier this year. That teaser featured a young Noctis being guided through various different locations by iconic series summon Carbuncle and acted as a combat tutorial for the full game.

We can almost certainly rule out any sort of delay. Square wouldn’t announce such a thing with a hype-generating countdown, and we only just got over the last push back that saw Final Fantasy XV slip to a November 29 release.

No, our money is on some sort of tie-in promotional product like an app or more DLC. Whatever it turns out to be, we’ve only got a day to wait, so hedge your bets quick and let us know what you think it’ll be in the comments below.