First Official Marvel’s Avengers Gameplay Is Finally Here


Marvel’s Avengers fans have been waiting for what feels like an age to witness some official gameplay for the superpowered action-adventure. In reality though, it’s been a mere two months since Square Enix and Crystal Dynamics took to the stage at this year’s E3 to unveil its triple-A partnership with Marvel Entertainment. Unfortunately for us, however, not even so much as a seconds-long teaser showing Iron Man and his pals in action was shown in Los Angeles.

Instead, little more than a cinematic trailer revealing each of the main playable heroes (as if that wasn’t already obvious) is all audiences have had to tide them over until the main event. That day has finally arrived though and, as promised previously by the developer, a whopping chunk of official gameplay has been dispatched for public viewing at this year’s Gamescom in Cologne, Germany.

As is to be expected, many of the events depicted above are largely a retread of the various leaks released following E3’s conclusion, but this is the first time we’ve seen them unfold with such clarity. Marvel’s Avengers is easy on the eyes, no doubt, but what of the titular Avengers’ playstyles? The good news is, Crystal appears to have nailed the task of translating each hero’s unique skillset into satisfying gameplay but on the whole, progression looks awfully linear and by the numbers.

With that said, the section shown above is taken from Marvel’s Avengers opening mission and serves as an introductory tutorial for each protagonist. That being the case, a certain degree of hand-holding is to be expected, so it’s certainly far too soon to be making any final judgements based solely on today’s reveal. Early impressions, on the other hand, are fair game, so feel free to let us know what your raw reaction has been via the comments below!