Okami HD Confirmed For PS3, Features Trophies And Move Support

It’s a glorious day, gamers! Okami, one of the greatest games of all time, has just been confirmed by Capcom to be coming to PlayStation Network as a downloadable title with all the sorts of extras you’d expect of an HD re-release. It’s such a great announcement that I’ve thrown all journalistic evenness out the window out of pure fanboy BLISS!

Coming later this fall for a cool $19.99 exclusively to the PlayStation Network, Okami HD will feature the stunning, artistic game in eye-popping HD, along with widescreen support, PlayStation Move support (a la the Wii port of the game, although you can play with a normal Dualshock), and trophies.

For those who never played it, Okami took a rich world inspired by ancient Japanese mythology, rendered it in the style of a sumi-e painting, gave it an adventure that would feel right at home in a Legend of Zelda game, and pumped the game full of brilliant story-telling and emotion that will both soothe your heartstrings and rip them out and stomp on them. I HIGHLY recommend it for any and all gamers that have a means to play it. There’s a reason the game is my favorite game of all time.

Source: PlayStation Blog