It’s Okay To Be Old And Still Play Video Games


When we get older, we admit to ourselves (perhaps in a kicking-and-screaming manner) that we may have to make cutbacks or concessions in our life. Everything from sweets to alcohol are things that we generally agree you can’t over-indulge in as the years stack up. And it saddens us at times. No longer the youthful go-getters we once considered ourselves to be, we feel our life may be slowly reducing to mediocrity and now we have no choice but to say a tearful goodbye to the things we once loved and engaged heavily in without guilty feelings.

Unfortunately, video games are one of those treasured past-times that get associated often with the youthful and seldom the old and wise. To the uninitiated, playing video games is something children do between homework and sprouting new hairs. Comedian Dylan Moran (hilariously) pointed out this infantile behaviour, particularly with reference to men. Even IGN released a video not long ago where the characters in the sketch remarked on how much they’d grown up and, almost entirely, out of playing video games.

It’s a great shame that society as a whole has unanimously decided a multi-billion dollar/pound sector of the entertainment industry is still, in 2014, regarded as a hobby exclusively for the younger generation. It is so misguided and doesn’t make a lot of sense.

If you’re a gaming enthusiast who’s worried about the way people look at you as you continue to hold that controller or keyboard way into your 30s, 40s and beyond, here are some things to consider about growing old as a gamer.