Part VII Jason Is Getting Some Improvements In Friday The 13th: The Game


Good news has just dropped for those of you who prefer playing as Part VII Jason in Friday The 13th: The Game.

After numerous updates to the asymmetric slasher title, like adding legendary perks and new coveralls for Roy (to name but a few), Gun Media are continuing to listen intently to fan feedback. What’s between the company’s crosshairs this time, though?

Well, the team are aiming to quash some player gripes about Part VII Jason, who some feel is a little underpowered compared to other iterations of the character. As a result, Gun Media has announced that they’re planning to implement a few subtle improvements to enhance his abilities.

The official word from Gun Media community lead Daniel Nixon is as follows:

We’ve seen a ton of feedback for a while now about Part 7 Jason being “underpowered” or “weak”, and while we agree that maybe his stats aren’t the best to encourage play over some of the other Jasons, we are not planning a complete reworking of the character. Even though we aren’t completely reworking the character, we do believe that a couple of tweaks to this character’s strengths and weaknesses will make for a better play experience.

He continues:

The following changes will be made:

• Change 1: We are replacing +Grip Strength with +Weapon Strength. This will help to make Jason’s slashes more harmful to counselors.
• Change 2: We are replacing -Shift with -Stun. This change will allow for more mobility by Jason.

Friday the 13th The Game

Though Friday The 13th Part VII: The New Blood isn’t one of the best instalments in the seminal slasher series, it is nevertheless a pretty unique one. Featuring a plot line that can effectively be boiled down to ‘Jason vs. Carrie,’ the film focuses on a teenage girl with telekinetic powers who inadvertently awakens the infamous unstoppable killer from his watery grave at the bottom of Crystal Lake. Interestingly, it’s also the first movie in the series to feature Kane Hodder as Jason Voorhees, who – as you’re already probably aware – would go on to star in a subsequent three films in the iconic horror franchise.

So, those of you who fancy the more decomposed look of Part VII Jason (that’s what happens when you’ve been under the lake for so long!), you can rest easy as Gun Media will be tweaking his character abilities to help bring him in-line with the other Jason iterations.

These tweaks will arrive in Friday The 13th: The Game’s next update, though as of yet, there’s no concrete release date for when that’ll be here. As always, though, stay tuned for more.