Peter Molyneux’s Mobile Game The Trail Stealth Releases In The Philippines


Strangely, it appears as if Peter Molyneux’s studio 22Cans has released a new game over on iTunes without so much as a promotional trailer or announcement. A listing for The Trail, which was spotted by Kotaku, popped up on the site as far back as August, but it’s currently only available in the Philippines, prompting speculation that the release is either a soft launch or some sort of accidental slip.

Whatever the case, nobody really knows much about the title, which looks to be some sort of third-person adventure game that promotes exploration while also offering features such as trading and crafting.

Molyneux, the former head of now-defunct Lionhead Studios who is widely known as the mind behind the beloved Fable franchise, left the studio and his position as Creative Director at Microsoft Studios after the completion of Fable: The Journey to form his own indie studio – 22Cans. Shortly thereafter he announced Godus, a resource management strategy title that didn’t exactly live up to expectations.

Various gameplay videos for The Trail have appeared on YouTube (one of which can be seen below) that give further insight on what it’s all about, but questions remain in regards to why it has only seen a limited release. One thing’s for sure – it certainly looks pretty. Here’s to hoping that a worldwide release happens sooner rather than later.