Peter Molyneux Talks Godus, Admits He Did Things Wrong


Peter Molyneux has said in a recent interview that he may have handled the development of Godus poorly. Along with designer Konrad Naszynski, Molyneux sat down to answer questions on 22Can’s most recent project, and one of the questions accused him of eschewing his responsibilities during the creation of the game. Surprisingly, the former Lionhead Studios CEO took some of the blame and made it clear that he didn’t want the community to feel like they’d been treated badly.

Firstly, I don’t think the community can ever be blamed…Because you know we need to appreciate all the range of comments form the positive to the negative. I do however take the blame and put blame on my shoulders.

He admitted that there were some things he did wrong, saying that because he’d never done a Kickstarter campaign or launched a Steam Early Access game in the past and due to this, there were certain elements that he could’ve handled better. For one thing, he believes more should have been done to the PC release of Godus before the mobile version was launched.

For those who don’t know, Godus is a god-style game where players begin by rescuing a man and a woman from drowning. Similar to Molyneux’s previous project, Black & White, gameplay involves building and maintaining a population of settlers. However, with Godus, players are able to change the landscape at will.

Godus was launched for Windows and OS X in September, 2013, while the mobile versions for iOS and Android were launched on August 7, 2014 and November 27, 2014, respectively.