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PlayStation Store Discounts One Of 2020’s Best Games To Cheapest Price Ever

As part of its "Deal of the Week" action, the PlayStation Store will be offering a 34% discount on one of 2020's best games.

Nioh 2

The PlayStation Store has consistently made players new and exciting offers, but their latest “Deal of the Week” is sure to take the cake.

In an unexpected sweep which makes it feel like Christmas came early, Sony will be selling digital copies of Nioh 2 one of the highest grossing and most critically acclaimed titles to have come out this year – at a whopping 34% discount. The game, which initially released at a market price of $60, will be available for download for just $35.59, which is the lowest it’s ever sold at.

Nioh 2 is the sequel to Nioh, a 2017 action-adventure title developed by Team Ninja for the PS4. Set in the 1600s, it tells the story of William Adams, an Irish sailor whose quest for vengeance takes him to Japan, where he learns the ways of the samurai and uses them to hack and slash his way through hoards of enemies of not only the human, but the bestial and demonic varieties as well.

Nioh 2

Often described as “Souls-like,” Nioh is widely regarded as one of the few video games to successfully take on and build off the various gimmicks made famous by FromSoftware’s iconic Dark Souls series, which includes intricately interwoven level design, out-of-this-world art design, and unforgivably difficult combat.

Should you find the Standard Edition of Nioh 2 not challenging enough, the PlayStation Store is also discounting the game’s Digital Deluxe Edition, whose price has been lowered from a daunting $80 to an industry average of about $53. The deluxe edition includes numerous extras, such as a Season Pass which will allow players to download new content of the game when it gets released, a special set of weapons, a charm, a PS4 theme, and a PSN avatar set. Not bad, right?

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