PlayStation Users In Limited Regions Will Gain Access To A Brand New Feature Today

PlayStation 5

PlayStation fans have received a brand new feature that will make it much easier to share gameplay screenshots and clips, however, for the time being, only a select few will have the option to try it out.

Announced by PlayStation Canada earlier today, users in Canada and Japan will have access to their saved screenshots and videos through eh PlayStation mobile app starting today.

The feature will be available for both iOS and Android users with the latest version of the PlayStation app. Today’s announcement shared that users in these regions will start gaining access today, however, the test could come to an abrupt end at any time.

Users will need to have their PlayStation App linked to their PS5 console and ensure that it is in rest mode with the “Stay Connected to the Internet” option enabled. From there, gameplay videos under three minutes and screenshots will be uploaded to the cloud and available to view in-app. These can then be found in the Library tab under captures.

This beta might be limited now but is going to be used as a testing platform before it is potentially rolled out more widely around the globe. This means that PlayStation users in other regions should hang tight and the option will likely be made available to them in the near future.

For now, if you’re in Canada or Japan make sure to take advantage of this handy feature to share your PS5 experience on the go.