Pokémon fan art re-imagines Roserade as a Dragon-type

Screengrab via The Pokémon Company

Pokémon fans are getting ready to welcome a new generation. In the meantime, fan art has plenty to help you imagine what’s possible before Violet and Scarlet‘s launch.

One Reddit user who goes by the Deviant Art tag Uknowtheadi shared their idea for a new form of Budew, Roselia, and Roserade whether they adopt a Dragon-typing alongside the standard Grass-type.

The art perfectly adopts the typical colorings that fans will familiarise with Dragon-type Pokémon while also keeping green portions as highlights so its Grass-type isn’t forgotten.

Budew looks almost identical to its standard appearance in its pre-evolved form but with a forked tongue blowing out of its head and the previously mentioned color changes. 

Things change even more once it evolves into Roselia. The typical grass spikes on the Pokémon’s head curve, appearing more like thorns. And unlike its original look, the flowers on its hands have yet to bloom.

The final evolution of Roserade is the most different from its original form. In this fan concept, the flower on its head has taken the form of a dragon’s mouth rather than blooming, leaving no doubt that this is a Dragon-type Pokémon.

Image via Reddit

While this fan-art is impressive, it’s unlikely we’ll receive a new form of Roserade in the game anytime soon. Fans will get to check out all of the new Pokémon joining the franchise when Pokémon Violet and Scarlet launch later in 2022.

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