10 Things We Want To See In The Next Generation Of Pokémon


It’s now been over two years since the last new generation Pokémon title was released, with Pokémon X & Y making Generation Six the first to feature on Nintendo’s 3DS systems. For the first time it truly felt as though the series was making meaningful strides forward in adding to the tried and tested formula, and the games garnered huge commercial and critical success.

Now that the developers have cut their teeth on two 3DS titles – including last year’s remade Generation Three games – the question starts to arise as to what we’ll see next in the series.


There’s still plenty of life left in the 3DS console for Nintendo, and so we can more than likely assume we’ll be seeing at least one more main series instalment released for these before the next big change. Short of this, who knows what aspiring Pokémon Masters will have to face?

Now, we won’t claim to have any priceless gems of information about what lies in the future of the series, but we certainly have more than a couple of ideas as to what we’d like to see. So, without further ado, here are the ten things we’d like to see in Pokémon‘s 7th Generation