10 Things We Want To See In The Next Generation Of Pokémon

10) More Trainer Customization

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For the first time, Generation Six allowed players of the games to have a modicum of control over the appearance of their budding Trainers. In Pokémon X & Y, you were able to give your avatars new outfits and haircuts, having chosen from one of three male or female base models in the game’s opening moments. The following title, Ruby & Sapphire offered a little more of the same in that regard, but it would be nice to see this take greater steps in the next instalments.

It’s a given that the character is always going to be the typically adventurous youngster, but expanding the possibilities for customization would be a further improvement. More aesthetic options would be great, as would different personality types that have influence over what types of creatures each player is best suited to training.

That’s to say a brash, hot-headed trainer could be more adept at battling with Fire or Fighting types, whilst a more relaxed trainer may be well-suited to monsters with easy-going natures. Interesting, huh?