PlayStation 4’s Days Of Play Sale Returns With Lots Of Great Deals

Days Gone

With most of us still stuck indoors thanks to the ongoing COVID-19 global pandemic, it’s fair to say that gaming’s been a welcome distraction that has helped to keep our minds busy in these trying times. Thankfully, publishers have begun to cotton on to this fact and some – like Sony, Amazon and Microsoft – have dropped some really great deals, as well as some free games, too, in a bid to satiate all us housebound folk who’re spending a lot more time at home.

Case in point: Sony’s Days of Play sales event, an annual occurrence that normally runs during E3, will return this week with deals on products exclusive to the PS4. This year’s Days Of Play event will kick off on Wednesday, June 3rd and run through June 17th at 10am PT (1pm ET). While there are plenty of deals to be had on games, the event will also coincide with some super cheap PlayStation Plus membership prices, as well as a few special offers on PS4 accessories.

Go ahead and check out the list below for a breakdown of some of the best deals on offer this year:


Days Gone

PlayStation Plus Memberships

Yes, the price of 12-month PlayStation Plus memberships will be slashed by 30% via traditional retailers like Amazon. Meanwhile, Sony will also offer 12-month PlayStation Now memberships for 30% off or 20% off for 3-months. If you haven’t pulled the trigger on what many consider to be the best value proposition in the whole of gaming, then this new offer may be the perfect opportunity to do so.

Wireless Headsets

Select stores are now offering Gold Wireless Headsets for as little as $69.99 (like Best Buy). Meanwhile, the Platinum Wireless Headset will also be on sale for $129.99 (deal is live on Amazon now). Frankly, both are great options that offer excellent sound quality, so these deals may be perfect for those of you who’re on the market for a new headset.

Last but not least, the PlayStation Gear Store will also offer an additional 20% discount on all full-priced merchandise using promo code DAYSOFPLAY20 during the sales event. So, feel free to pick up some brand new gaming gear on the cheap with this handy promo code.

Tell us, though, are there any PS4 deals in here that tickle your fancy? Or are these offers underwhelming? Let us know in the usual place down below.