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PSA: Devil May Cry HD Collection May Be Available Now

Capcom has removed the release date for the Devil May Cry HD Collection, giving players some sweet Dante action a week early.

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Originally planned for an April 3rd release, Capcom has decided to stealthily remove the street date for the Devil May Cry HD Collection.

For less than $15 a game, you can relive the golden years of Dante. You know, those times in between the awkward punk teenager phase in DmC and the suave ladies man in DMC4. Even the less-than-spectacular Devil May Cry 2 is upscaled into glorious HD, but we won’t take it personally if you skip it again the second time around.

Just consider it an early Easter present from Capcom so you can focus on spending time with the family. With Diablo 3 only two weeks away, this may be your last chance for a while.