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Rainbow Six Siege Update Adds Resident Evil Skin

Normally, such a crossover would be branded unlikely, but considering how much Capcom likes to get around these days (as well as Resident Evil reclaiming its status as a hugely popular series in recent years), this marriage isn’t altogether unsurprising. Ubisoft’s popular tactical shooter Rainbow Six Siege has just received a new update, this time with the headline attraction being the addition of an alternate skin for Operator Lion.

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While this snazzy number doesn’t replace the character’s likeness with one from the aforementioned survival horror franchise, it does almost everything else. Sporting an outfit designed to mimic that worn by Leon S. Kennedy in Resident Evil 4, Lion comes equipped with the former police officer’s uniform and headgear, as well as a weapon skin. Ubisoft’s announcement over on Twitter promises more to boot, but it’s not immediately clear what that encompasses. Either way, you can check out the bundle for yourself down below.

For folks with no interest in Siege but eager to check out some other Resident Evil crossovers, one need look no further than Dead by Daylight. Behaviour Interactive’s asymmetrical multiplayer title recently welcomed the fearsome Nemesis into its ranks, as well as Leon, both of which are playable as killer and survivor, respectively. With a map based on the Raccoon City police station thrown in for good measure, we’d definitely recommend checking it out.

As for the series itself, Resident Evil Village, the latest core installment released earlier this year, has already sold several million copies and is on track to become one of Capcom’s most successful releases of all time—not least due to the developer’s promise earlier this year that single-player DLC for the sequel is now in production. 2021 is shaping up to be a good year for the series’ fans.

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