5 Reasons Why Titanfall Could Fail (And 5 Reasons Why It Won’t)

 The Bad:

5) EA Online

EA server queue

OK, let’s not beat around the bush here. Between Sim City, FIFA, and Battlefield, EA have managed to accrue a less-than-reputable position with regards to their online services. And when I say “less-than-reputable,” I of course mean “staggeringly shit.” So now that they’re at the helm of Respawn’s online only shooter, you can’t blame us for feeling just a touch nervous about the potential result. It may very well be the greatest game ever made, but that only counts for so much if only about 3 people in the world can actually access it.

Naturally, they’ve been more than reassuring about the matter, and have gone on record as setting up an architecture that will allow for swift and simple updates should any problems arise. It has also been confirmed that an Xbox One update will release on March 4th, specifically in anticipation of the game. Fingers crossed on this one then.