Resident Evil 3 Remake Fans Are Roasting Nemesis Redesign With Hilarious Memes

Resident evil 3

Resident Evil 3 fans might be ecstatic at the news of a remake, but that hasn’t stopped some from poking fun at a particular character’s redesign.

Nemesis, the iconic, heavily mutated Tyrant, has become a mainstay of Capcom’s survival horror franchise ever since his debut in the original Resident Evil 3. Since that initial appearance, the hulking bioweapon has transcended not only his own numbered entry to appear in multiple spinoffs, but been hand-picked to appear in the developer’s popular Marvel vs. Capcom crossover fighting game.

It goes without saying that Nemesis has earned himself a legion of fans over the years, to the extent that any potential redesign was always going to prove controversial. Hardly surprising, then, that early images of the character on Resident Evil 3‘s leaked box art have prompted the creation of endless memes intended to poke fun at Nemesis’ new design. And you can check out a few of the highlights, currently doing the rounds on Twitter, below.

In case the connotation wasn’t already obvious, yes – fans have taken issue, not only with Capcom’s strange decision to give Nemesis a nose but a new set of gnashers to boot. Being needle-like rather than reminiscent of gnarled human teeth, observers have likened the character’s pearly whites to that of It‘s Pennywise and have bemoaned the near-total lack of one notable feature – the medical staples meant to hold his decayed skin together.

The above is all in jest, of course, and while some purists will consider the changes to be too much of a divergence from Nemesis’ original form, it’s ultimately down to Capcom’s discretion to do with the monster as they wish.

Resident Evil 3‘s remake is in development for unspecified platforms. Expect more details on that front, as well as a potential release date, over the coming weeks.