What We Need To See From The Resident Evil 3 Remake


Resident evil 3

I’d also like more dynamic scenarios. Like, the objective in 98/100 rooms is to basically breach, clear, and loot. There are a few major puzzles, but everything felt streamlined and kind of dumbed down, in a sense. I want dynamic areas with destruction mechanics, alternate routes, extra secrets not hidden in a locker, those kinda things. Maybe they’ll implement the original “perilous situation” choice mechanic from Resident Evil 3 in an interesting way. I really do miss the A/B scenario system, but I also kind of get why they’d cut it.

There has to be something new like this, since the remake of Resident Evil 2 took the ammo crafting mechanic from the original Resident Evil 3 already. Maybe they’ll go backwards and implement a new take on the old zapping system from Claire and Leon’s original adventure.

I’m also hotly anticipating the return of The Mercenaries post-campaign mode. Resident Evil 2‘s remake didn’t quite scratch that itch I was looking for with the Ghost Survivors DLC as far as mini-modes are concerned. I ain’t complaining about free content, believe me. I just…I just really wanted a gauntlet mode where you could play as specific characters with their unique loadouts and traits and just goof around and shoot zombies till the cows came home.

The Sheriff’s standoff in the gas station that you unlock after beating the other three scenarios is the closest thing we got in the Resident Evil 2 remake, but it’s scripted and unchanging, making for an easily cheesable scenario. The Resident Evil 3 remake will certainly have to have extra modes included, since it’s a much shorter story than Resident Evil 2, anyway. Or, in the most picturesque, ideal scenario, they’d just remake Resident Evil: Outbreak with voice chat and make all the money in the world.

I honestly could go on and on about an ideal video game, but I as much as I can want it, I cannot simply will it into the world. Plus, I’m most certainly not the only gamer out there. So on that note, what do you want to see the Resident Evil 3 remake? As always, sound off down below.

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