Resident Evil 7 Reportedly Getting Free Next-Gen Upgrades

Resident Evil 7

Resident Evil 7 is on course to get a next-gen release of its own, it would seem.

According to AestheticGamer (AKA Dusk Golem), sources have told them that a patch containing various upgrades for the acclaimed soft reboot, originally released in 2017, is on course to arrive in the near future. The reputable leaker, who has accurately revealed unconfirmed details concerning the survival horror series multiple times in the past, says they were somewhat surprised that Capcom made no mention of the title getting a spit and polish, which they say is “100% happening.”

As of writing, Dusk Golem has no concrete dates for the spruced up rerelease to share, though considering fans received confirmation yesterday that Resident Evil Village and its predecessor are being bundled together in a special collector’s edition, it could well be the case that this will contain 7‘s supposed remaster. With the former now locked in for launch on May 7th for current and last-gen consoles as well as PC, it shouldn’t be long until we hear more, assuming the leak is accurate.

Meanwhile, folks who got their first taste of the franchise with the benchmark-setting VR version of Ethan Winters’ nightmare should brace themselves for some bad news. While the whistleblower doesn’t completely rule out that eventuality, they admit to not being particularly hopeful.

Realistically, if Capcom had any intention of making Village compatible with virtual reality tech, it would have either announced or at the very least teased as such by now. Never say never, of course, but we won’t at all be surprised if the company decides to give this one a miss if only to save costs on what’s already sure to be an incredibly expensive venture.

As for Resident Evil 7, you can pick it up on your platform of choice for remarkably cheap right now, especially during sale periods. See here for WGTC’s original review.