Resident Evil 7’s Baker Estate Recreated In Far Cry 5’s Map Editor


We recently reported that The Evil Dead II’s iconic cabin had been faithfully recreated in Far Cry 5’s Map Editor, and that there were even some pretty creepy easter eggs to be found pertaining to Andy Muschietti’s brilliant reinvention of Stephen King’s classic IT. However, there’s even more good stuff to be discovered for all you Far Cry 5 and horror fans out there.

A passionate fan, dubbed “wim_buytaert,” has just uploaded an awesome recreation of the creepy locale at the heart of last year’s terrific Resident Evil 7: the Baker Estate. It’s not just for show, either, as this custom-made map comes rocking an intriguing “get to the exit” challenge for all you gore-hounds out there to get your teeth into.

Unfortunately, you can’t actually go inside the mansion as of yet, and there are no nasty enemies like the game’s infamous Molded critters to contend with, but it’s still a really impressive and atmospheric trip for fans of Capcom’s revered horror series. It’ll certainly take you down memory lane, as it really does indeed look the part.

What was super refreshing about last year’s Resident Evil 7 was how much it still feels like a mainline Resident Evil game despite the series’ bold and courageous switch to a first-person perspective. All those traditional franchise staples remained, such as green herbs, bizarre puzzles, cool bosses, ammo conservation and safe houses, but it was mainly thanks to the title’s distinct re-focusing on its series’ survival-horror heritage that made Capcom’s latest iteration in their critically renowned franchise such a triumphant return.

As for the here and now, Far Cry 5’s Map Editor has proven to be a bit of a hit with all those creative aficionados out there, gifting users a vast canvas to create their very own miniature playable maps. Though it may be a little tricky to get to grips with, its inclusion is certainly beginning to pay dividends already.

What will we eventually see in the future from the Far Cry 5 Map Editor, though? Well, we’ve got our fingers firmly crossed for more horror-themed stuff — a meticulous recreation of the iconic Nostromo from Alien, perhaps? Or the snow-covered Antarctican research station from The Thing? The world’s our oyster, right? Long story short, we can’t wait to see more.