Resident Evil 8’s Reportedly The Darkest And Most Gruesome Resident Evil Yet


There isn’t a lot we know for absolute certain about Capcom’s upcoming eight entry in its long-running Resident Evil franchise, but that hasn’t stopped a flurry of rumors and speculation from taking over the internet as fans eagerly await official news. Resident Evil 8 is rumored to be a fairly substantial departure from what folks have come to expect, though it’s still thought to be first-person like 2017’s soft reboot, Resident Evil 7. There are even reports that the newest game could support PlayStation VR for some truly terrifying experiences.

Industry insider, Dusk Golem, is now stating though that Resident Evil 8 will also be “by far the darkest and most gruesome Resident Evil yet” and that it should be announced relatively soon.

The newest game in the series being the most terrifying and disgusting yet wouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone. With fresh PlayStation and Xbox hardware launching at the end of the year, it’s certain that the next entry in the beloved survival-horror franchise would be looking to up the ante considerably using more detailed visuals and heightened experiences that can only come from the power of those new consoles.

Of course, no one knows for sure what direction Resident Evil 8 will ultimately take, but the series has had quite a few refreshes over its past couple of mainline releases. Resident Evil 6 shifted the gameplay in a much more action-focused direction, whereas Resident Evil 7‘s first-person camera and entirely new locale acted as a rebirth of the franchise as a whole. One can only hope that the eighth entry will manage to take new risks without sacrificing what sets Resident Evil apart from other survival-horror games.

In any case, we’re almost certain to hear something from Capcom about Resident Evil 8 before the release of the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X, so stay tuned for more.