Resident Evil Fans Can Now Buy Real Green And Red Herbs

Resident Evil Village

If you’ve ever found yourself pondering just how potent Resident Evil‘s iconic curatives are, Capcom has finally decided to provide a definitive answer. The company has just announced a new range of products based on the survival horror series, including mock Umbrella-branded items meant for everyday use.

Umbrella is not a real company by the way, as humorously pointed out by a disclaimer on the press release provided by PR Times, as reported by Game Rant. Umbrella Corporation is Resident Evil’s antagonistic experimental pharmaceutical conglomerate; but in the real world, its are items meant for everyday use.

Among these are the aforementioned green and red herbs (no blue for the time being), both of which retail for 550 yen (approx. $5). These take the form of bath salts, rather than the substance you’ve no doubt seen Chris, Leon, and Jill use in a variety of ways countless times before. You can check out both types for yourself in the gallery below.

If a long soak in the tub with scented salts isn’t your thing, worry not—there’s plenty of other merchandise up for grabs, including stationary. The perfect kit for any would-be Umbrella scientist, a bundle containing suitably labeled pens, memos, and report pads is available, too. These are 550, 660 and 990 yen respectively (around $5, $6, and $9 each), with everything available to purchase either from Capcom’s physical stores in Tokyo and Osaka, or online.

Unfortunately, there’s no word yet on whether these items will be making their way to the U.S. or Europe. But considering we’re still waiting on a recently released line of Resident Evil fragrances to be made available anywhere outside Japan, it’s probably safe to assume that Capcom fans will have to import their merchandise for the forseeable future. So it’s up to you to decide if paying the inevitable customs fees is worth the bath salts.