Resident Evil Village Loads 600% Quicker On PS5 Compared To Xbox Series X


Sony’s investment in super fast SSD technology is starting to pay off, it would seem. While PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S both contain the hardware necessary to make near-instant loading times possible, it would appear as though Capcom has either better optimized Resident Evil Village for the former or Microsoft’s component choices simply aren’t as efficient/performing as intended.

In a video comparing both versions of Village side by side, Digital Foundry documented that while the PS5 was capable of swift loading – to the extent that transitional screens are no longer present – Series X takes roughly 8.5 seconds to complete the same action. A noticeable discrepancy but certainly not one that sullies the actual gameplay experience.

As GameRant explains:

Xbox Series X clocked in a load time of 8 seconds and 47 milliseconds in Resident Evil Village, allowing PlayStation 5 the chance to show off its impressive SSD architecture, cutting the load time down to 1 second and 57 milliseconds. With a load time comparison of 8.45 compared to 1.57, it’s a straightforward answer which one loads faster.

Conversely, it’s worth noting that the survival horror sequel is generally superior on next-gen Xbox, suffering less frame rate drops overall in contrast to its competitor, though again, these advantages are negligible to the degree that most won’t even notice any difference. Results aren’t as promising for the less powerful Series S, however, which struggles to maintain a solid refresh rate with ray tracing.

That being the case, it’s recommended that owners of the budget device leave the enhancement disabled, allowing for a stable 50-60 fps. The takeaway from all this is that Resident Evil Village performs fantastically on the platforms it was created for. As for whether the second chapter in Ethan Winters’ story is worth the steep asking price, WGTC’s glowing review can provide all the answers you’re looking for.

In related news, RE: Verse, a multiplayer accompaniment scheduled to launch alongside this year’s eighth installment, has been delayed until a later date. See here for all the latest details.