Resogun Defenders Set To Arrive On PlayStation 4 Next Week


XDEV Studio Europe announced today that Resogun Defenders, the second expansion for the shooter, will launch next week on the PlayStation 4. The expansion can be purchased for either $4.99, or can be acquired via the title’s Season Pass for free.

As the final release for the popular shooter, Defenders is set to include a hefty amount of content. Set during humanity’s last stand against the Sentient forces, the DLC will feature two brand new modes: Protector and Commando.

In Protector Mode, players will be tasked with defending one of the few remaining human colonies. The mode will introduce a variety of new power-ups, including the Super Boost, automatic city defenses, Teleport, and the ability to flip the planet. Several dangerous environmental hazards will also be introduced, such as volcanic meteors.

Taking place outside the ship, Commando Mode has players stepping into the shoes of the Last Human. Fueled by revenge and stranded on a distant planet, our hero will fight off Sentient forces with just a mini-gun. The mode will also feature both cooperative and competitive multiplayer, so you can look forward to either working alongside a friend, or sabotaging their chance of survival.

In addition to the release of Defenders, XDEV Studio Europe announced that a free update titled Resogun Challengers is also now available. The update introduces a new leveling system where Challenge Points are earned for completing specific challenges and Feats across all game modes.

Resogun Challengers will also introduce an all new Human Gallery, which allows players to organize and select their previously collected Humans. A Photo Mode will finally be implemented as well, so feel free to capture stunning shots of your exploits.

While I’m sad that this is the final major update for Resogun, this looks like quite the high note to leave on. The original release was already my pick as the best PlayStation 4 launch title, and all of these subsequent updates have only cemented that thought. If you haven’t picked it up already, the title is 33% off for the next two weeks, so you should probably get on that.