Respawn Isn’t Adding Titanfall’s Controversial Smart Pistol To Apex Legends After All


Apex Legends players received some rather worrying intel recently.

Earlier this week, well-known leaker That1MiningGuy suggested that Respawn could soon be about to introduce one of the battle royale’s most overpowered weapons to date in the form of Titanfall‘s Smart Pistol. The weapon, which allows the user to automatically ‘paint’ several targets and let loose a volley of homing projectiles, would have been the latest in a long line of firearms making the jump between games and, understandably so, immediately raised concerns over balancing and potential dumbing-down of the player skill required to reach top-tier status in the highly-competitive sandbox.

Fortunately, however, it now appears that the developer has absolutely no intention of introducing the pistol to Apex‘s metagame, with the studio’s Jason McCord responding to queries of its potential inclusion by setting the record straight.

Not only does McCord definitively dismiss the aforementioned rumor, but seems to be quite perturbed by it. “No, it’s not coming to Apex,” he says, before adding “But thanks for spreading misinformation.” The response clearly implies that Respawn, or at the very least certain members of the company, takes issue with the constant stream of leaks mined from the depths of Apex‘s files and this certainly isn’t the first time that tensions between both parties have boiled over, either.

Shortly after the launch, fans were warned against believing everything they read online as gospel. In fact, due to both being created in the same game engine, Apex Legends and Titanfall share a great many assets, many of which are simply leftovers that were never removed. Could Respawn help to remedy the situation by simply removing said unused content? Absolutely, but it remains to be seen whether it’ll consider such a project to be worth the time or resources.