Ride To Hell: Retribution Gets A New Trailer, Pre-Order Bonus, And Lots Of Red Flags

ride to hell retribution

Originally intended for release way back in 2009, Ride to Hell was suddenly resurrected from vaporware status earlier this month as Ride to Hell: Retribution, and given a June 25th release date. The game’s publisher, Deep Silver, has now released a second trailer for the game and announced a pre-order bonus for anyone brave enough to buy it based on so little information.

Assuming you are not bothered by the game’s silent development over the last four years — and its sudden announcement just three months before launch — putting down a little cash for a pre-order will give you a piece of downloadable content called “Cook’s Mad Recipe.” This adds three additional levels to the game, and gives players an in-game sniper rifle. The DLC will let you “hunt for targets in a downpour” and give players the ability to “team up with weapons expert Tyrell Jones, a big, mean dude with the baddest beard around.”

If there was ever a reason to pre-order a game, this would be it…

Those not willing to pull the trigger on Ride to Hell: Retribution just yet will be able to pull the trigger on the DLC for 800 Microsoft Points after the game is released.

We are still a bit unclear on exactly what kind of game Ride to Hell: Retribution is going to be. Ride to Hell was originally announced in 2008 as an open-world game, where you played as a Vietnam vet, turned 1960′s motorcycle club prospect. This newly announced revamp (developed by Eutechnyx) is still set in the 1960s but now has players take on the role of Jake Conway, as he sets out to get revenge on the “biker gang” The Devil’s Hand. Deep Silver has not yet confirmed all the changes in the game’s scope, and that is the first red flag.

The second warning sign that screams “wait for the reviews” comes from the two trailers that have been released. Neither Ride to Hell: Retribution trailer makes the game appear to be very impressive, and both feature extremely poor visuals and character animations. Graphics don’t always make the game, but it is hard to not expect a little more from a title that has been in development this long.

Check out the latest Ride to Hell: Retribution trailer below, and let us know your thoughts down in the comments.