RWBY desperately tries to get included in Fortnite and MultiVersus

There’s one anime franchise that’s apparently feeling left out in the face of the many crossover videogames either on the market now or soon to become available to fans.

With the official announcement this week from free-to-play battle royale Fortnite that they would be having an anime crossover with Naruto as well as the announcement from Warner Bros. that they would be launching their own free-to-play Smash Bros.-like brawler, MultiVersus, with a crossover of many franchises like DC and Looney Tunes, the official Twitter account of RWBY gave shout-outs to both.

Many fans on Twitter found this sad fact humorous, it turned out.

Sadly, Adventure Time‘s Jake the Dog and RWBY‘s Ruby may never meet, despite that being a very real possibility if the aforementioned anime was included in MultiVersus.

One user pointed out how since Warner Bros. owns the platform where RWBY airs, RoosterTeeth, it could very much be the case in the future that characters could appear in MultiVersus, perhaps as downloadable content, in the future.

Still others on the internet insisted that perhaps RWBY didn’t have to look so far to have a fun crossover. Why not make an appearance on fellow RoosterTeeth show Red Vs. Blue?

If you’re not familiar RWBY is an anime-influenced American adult computer-animated web series created by Monty Oum. Set in the fictional world of Remnant, in which young people can train to become warriors, the inhabitants of the world must do so in order to protect themselves from monsters called Grimm.

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