The Solus Project Is Coming To Xbox One Game Preview In February


Microsoft’s Xbox One Game Preview Program will be bolstered yet again, when Grip Games’ The Solus Project is added to its roster sometime next month.

Described as a first-person survival experience, where you’re utterly and completely alone, The Solus Project begins by stranding its players on a strange, island-like planet. Despite travelling with company, our solo space explorer is the only one who has ‘luckily’ survived a dangerous crash landing, and must scour the world in search or some sort of assistance as a result.

Strangely enough, Grip Games’ first developer diary spoils what seems to be a major event, by revealing that our protagonist is not the first person to have set foot on said strange planet. It goes even further, too, by showing footage of an abandoned civilization and the skeletal remains of “human-like aliens.” Then again, this does add a good amount of intrigue, so that was likely their plan.

Another thing about The Solus Project is that it’s linear. There are ten different “levels” or environments to explore, and you’ll make your way through each one, presumably in a direct order. That’s not what we’d expected, but we’re not going to say it’s a bad thing.

Although some of these details have thrown a curveball at us, The Solus Project is certainly looking great and I know that I’m personally excited about playing it.

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