Sony’s Latest Live-Action Trailer Trumpets Share Play Feature On PlayStation 4


Sony has unveiled an all-new, live-action trailer for PlayStation 4 that draws attention to some of the console’s social features. Chief among those highlights is for the recently-released Share Play functionality, which arrived early last week in tandem with the problematic firmware 2.0.

Nevertheless, ever since it was first teased all the way back at the PlayStation 4 reveal event, the Share Play feature quickly became one of the most unique and anticipated bells and whistles in Sony’s current-gen console. Honing the impact that Twitch has had on the way players interact with and experience video games, the novel addition allows those with a PlayStation Plus subscription to hand over control of a game remotely to a friend, as this light-hearted trailer attests.

It’s worth keeping in mind that those play sessions are limited to sixty minutes, and developers will have the final say as to whether their game will support the feature in the final build. In fact, we learned earlier today that Activision chose to omit Share Play from both Call of Duty: Ghosts and Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare on PlayStation 4, stating that it is yet to spend enough time with the feature to deem whether it is worth committing to.

Before you do pass on control to a trusty ally, you’ll also need to run a check on your router’s upload speed, with Sony recommending a minimum of 2MB per second to ensure a stable, secure connection between the two parties.

Share Play is available now for PlayStation 4 users via the mandatory firmware 2.0 update.