Spider-Man PS4: Insomniac Says Don’t Expect A Release Date Anytime Soon


Don’t hold your breath for a Spider-Man PS4 release date.

In a series of Tweets (via PlayStation LifeStyle), developer Insomniac stated it has no plans to lock down the superhero licensed title “anytime soon,” and won’t do so until it feels confident it can meet the eventual deadline.

News first began to do the rounds after high-street retailer GameStop listed Spider-Man PS4 for release on December 26, 2017 – a placeholder, of course, but that failed to quell speculation. Taking to Twitter, here’s what the studio had to say on the matter.

Featuring a brand new story independent from Sony’s 2017 feature film, Spider-Man PS4 has reportedly enlisted a “huge” development team, and Marvel Games believes it has the ability to kick-start a string of new superhero releases at the studio. As for Spidey, it’s “standalone; all new story, all new world. We’re always stretching, we’re always challenging, we’re always moving the characters forward.”

Built on the pixelated foundations laid by the studio’s work on Ratchet & Clank, Spider-Man PS4 is in development at Insomniac and at least for now, there’s little else to report.