Spider-Man 2 Reveal And Release Dates Have Reportedly Leaked

Spider-Man PS4 Still

Sony and Microsoft may have no qualms with boasting about the power of their upcoming new hardware, but we’ve heard not so much as a peep out of either platform holder in regards to the games they’ll both play.

The latter, of course, has already reiterated that Xbox Series X won’t receive any console exclusives for at least its first year, but what about PlayStation 5? It’s certainly no secret that Sony’s platform had the best exclusives of the current generation, and it goes without saying that fans are expecting a repeat performance and sequels aplenty to the likes of Spider-Man, God of War and Horizon Zero Dawn.

All three are expected to get new installments in the years ahead, though it’s Marvel’s web-slinger, in particular, that’s currently the talk of the town. That’s due, in large part, to a number of rumors currently doing the rounds online that claim to have inside knowledge of the unannounced project.

According to one such leak posted on Reddit recently by user UtopianThrowaway90, sources have shared with them that Sony plans to officially unveil Spider-Man 2 during an event in the summer. This is where fans will get their first glimpse of the game in action, though there’ll be a sizable gap between then and release. Holiday 2021 is the date Spidey fans will want to mark on their calendars, says Utopian, with the most likely window being sometime in September to mimic that of the original game’s PlayStation 4’s launch.

As always, it goes without saying that everything you’ve just read should be taken with a giant pinch of salt, though it certainly lines up with previous rumors. We’ll ultimately just have to wait and see if there’s any truth to the above, though in the meantime, be sure to check out reports earlier today of several villains supposedly set to appear in Spider-Man 2.