6 Characters We Want To See In Star Wars Battlefront DLC


With the release of Star Wars Battlefront only days away now, and with EA already teasing a slew of ongoing expansion packs for the anticipated title over the course of the next twelve months, we started to think about all the things we really want to see from the growing game.

It certainly seems that there is going to be a Destiny-esque stream of updates during the first year and, given the huge success of the recent open beta, it would appear that EA are going to have an excellent foundation from which to build their answer to Bungie’s epic.


With the ongoing expansions for Star Wars Battlefront set to cover a range of additions from new locations to brand new game modes, we’ve been thinking about what we want to see in the future. Since there are a fairly small number of heroes and villains currently confirmed for the game’s initial release, we started to consider who else we’d like to see in future expansions.

Here, we bring you six characters we hope to see in the DLC. However, please note that since the game is currently not covering any of the events of the prequel trilogy, we’ve had to look deeper into the events of the original trilogy… and beyond!