Star Wars Fans Freaking Out Over Rumors Of Mandalorian Game

The Mandalorian

Xbox owners could be on course to get one hell of a Star Wars exclusive in the not-too-distant future.

The Mandalorian, Disney’s epic series set in a galaxy far, far away, has become the talk of the digital town over the last 24 hours following rumors from a high-profile insider that a video game starring the character is currently in the works. Nick “Shpeshal Ed” Baker claimed in a recent string of Tweets that an unknown studio is already working on the title, with Microsoft supposedly positioned to publish.

Baker had originally cited the presence of a Mando Funko in the background of Xbox boss Phil Spencer’s home as a green light from his source to mention the project only to backpedal when it became apparent that the figure in question was depicting something else altogether. With that said, the insider maintains that Din Djarin is getting his own interactive adventure, though stops short of providing anything further.

Despite the obvious lack of verifiable details, social media has lit up in response to the leak, and you can check out some reactions for yourself below.

It’s worth noting, of course, that this isn’t the first time that talk of a game based on Star Wars‘ hottest property has done the rounds. Earlier this year, Daniel Richtman reported having heard similar whispers, even going so far as to posit that both Mando and fellow foundling Boba Fett would be playable throughout the campaign.

Exciting times ahead, then, but as always, we’d recommend taking all of the above with a massive grain of salt. Should there be any truth to the hearsay, however, fans can no doubt expect to learn more during the summer reveal season. Watch this space.