Star Wars: The High Republic Is Reportedly Getting A VR Game

Star Wars: The High Republic

The release of Episode IX last year may have finally brought to an end the nine-film Skywalker saga, but Disney is far from done with the franchise. Eager to keep the ball rolling into the new decade and beyond, the House of Mickey Mouse confirmed an all-new chapter in the form of Star Wars: The High Republic. Set hundreds of years before George Lucas’ Prequel Trilogy, High Republic is described as a period in time where the Jedi are at the height of their power as protectors of peace in the galaxy.

Specifics regarding the latest phase’s overarching narrative and major players are still forthcoming, though we know from initial promotional material that the iconic Jedi Temple on Coruscant will once again serve as the group’s main base of operations, with a new enemy (no doubt of the Sith kind) threatening to once again upset the balance between good and evil. We’ve already heard word previously of potential plans to officially kickstart The High Republic with a video game, of course, and today’s developments certainly support such an outcome.

According to Cinelinx’s Jordan Maison, a number of independent sources have come forward to reveal that a game based on The High Republic is absolutely in the works and, what’s more, will be a dedicated virtual reality title. As for the studio in charge of such a project, Maison says beyond the details provided, nothing else is known of the mystery project, though assuming the leak to be accurate, it goes without saying that EA would be involved.

The publisher has sole ownership of the license as far as Star Wars video games go and we’ve no reason to believe Disney has changed its mind in that regard. As always, it’s worth taking everything you’ve read above with a fat-fingered pinch of salt, though until we learn more, feel free to let us know your thoughts of a potential Star Wars: The High Republic VR game in the usual place below!